Appeal for toddler’s iPad lost at John Lewis, Cheadle

This is an urgent appeal for the return of an iPad misplaced at Sainsbury’s / John Lewis in Cheadle on Wednesday 11th November.

The iPad, belonging to toddler Amy-Rose who suffers fromĀ severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, was lost, we believe in the car park. Amy-Rose’s mum has posted the following on Facebook:

12219527_1714019785486213_6974158560347270142_nHelp….. Has anyone been to Sainsburys and John Lewis in Cheadle today??? This is one of our families. Please share x šŸ˜”

HELP lost iPad.

This is my daughter amy-rose. She has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is 100% tube fed following an unexpected unpreventable trauma at birth.
A result of her severe brain injury is that she cannot eat, walk, talk or speak. One of her main sensory needs is through sound and vision. We saved so hard for this ipad and sadly her grandma misplaced it today. It was lost at Sainsbury’s/John Lewis in Cheadle.
The iPad has all of Amy’s Dora episodes and other things and is solely her iPad, not ours.
I dont think anyone will give it back but wanted to post just in case.
My mum was having a diabetic hypo whilst also trying to put Amy’s wheelchair and feeding pump in the car and misplaced the iPad.
As Amy needs major surgery next year she is in a lot of discomfort and cries a lot and the iPad is the only thing consoling her right now.
Thanks all.

If you found an iPad at this location thenĀ please hand it in to John Lewis or Sainsbury’s and email so we can get it returned to Amy as soon as possible.

If anyone tries to sell you an iPad then please email us so we can attempt to get it back and return it to Amy.

Many thanks.