Gatley Update from Cllr. Iain Roberts

Councillor Iain Roberts has just posted an update from the Cheadle Area Committee which contains some interesting things for Gatley:

  • We received two petitions from users of the skateboard park on Gatley Rec asking for improvements to the ramps. We want to speak to the users of the park and see how we can work together to do that, and what the community might reasonably expect in return (e.g. keeping it tidy).
  • Gatley Village Partnership applied for £400 towards a wood sculpture to go on Gatley Green and commemorate our war dead, which we were happy to agree to.
  • We approved creating a bridleway through the station car park from Gatley Road round to Brentwood Drive, as part of the new cycling routes.We approved putting the former pavilion on Gatley Rec on the open market. The building is in poor condition but at least one person is seriously interested in renovating it and taking it on.

The most interesting relates to the High Grove pub on Silverdale Road, which is currently scheduled to close at the end of the year:

The High Grove Hotel

After substantial debate, we approved the application to make the High Grove pub on Silverdale Road an assert of community value (ACV). We also received two petitions with over 500 names calling for this. However, there are a couple of caveats. First, being an ACV is not a pass to saving the pub. It means that, if Hydes sell the pub, the community group has six months to come up with a bid to buy it. The asking price is £475,000, and Hydes are under no obligation to accept the bid even if it’s the highest offered. Second, Hydes have a right of appeal and it’s possible that a higher power might decide it doesn’t qualify. However, the Lib Dem team firmly believe that giving the community a good chance to put something together to save the pub is the right thing to do.

What are your thoughts on this? All thoughts welcome on the Gatley Facebook Group.