Introducing Gatley Knitwits

(L-R) Pat Fisher, Jan Edwards, Joyce Atkinson & Diane Smith

In January 2015, following a request for knitting lessons on Gatley’s Facebook, the Gatley Knitwits were formed.  Organised by Diane Smith, Joyce Atkinson and Pat Fisher, the weekly meetings began, with a band of eager learners, (and some very patient teachers) to learn, or refresh, knitting skills.  

One keen knitter’s reason for knitting was in order to contribute to community and charity projects.  Starting with the basics, the Gatley Knitwits began knitting squares, which have now been joined together to make fabulous patchwork baby blankets.

Every Sunday night, the sound of laughter can be heard in a corner of Gatley when the Knitwits meet for a knit and knatter.

Whether using basic knit stitches or getting into more complex patterns, each knitter has contributed to the blankets.

Front Row (L-R) Diane Smith, Joyce Atkinson, Pat Fisher, Andrea Marsden. Back Row (L-R) Emma Wilson, Stacey Charnock, Victoria Holmes. Chloe Rennie, Bernadette McKnight

Made with lots of love, laughter and concentration, these blankets have now been donated to the neonatel unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

The Gatley Knitwits meet every Sunday night 7pm at Mitchell House, Lorna Grove, Gatley.  Contact Diane Smith through the Gatley Facebook page or email for more information.