Special Guests at Gatley Photography Club

Gatley Photography Club

Gatley’s photography club has announced some special guests for their next three meetings.

First up, on Thursday 24th September, is Ray Grover from SMCC. He will be showing his AVs, short slide shows and video clips set to music or narration covering a range of subjects.

On Thursday 29th October Melvin Nicholson will be on hand to show his landscape photography. Melvin is the owner of the Landscape Locations Facebook page, a fantastic source of inspiration for photographers everywhere.

Finally, John Nightingale will be treating attendees to his portrait and wildlife photography on Thursday 26th November.

All meetings are held at 8pm at United Reform Church on Elm Road, Gatley. It’s £2 to members (or £20 / year to join) and non-members can also attend for just £4.