A Christmas Thank You from Your GVP Team

christmas-owl-holding-pencilDear Gatley

Gatley Village Partnership (GVP) wishes you, your families and friends a joyful Christmas and prosperous, peaceful and happy New Year.

GVP was involved in many aspects of village life this year. We …
–  Developed a new dedicated website – www.gatleyvillage.uk
–  Tackled Northern Rail
–  Donated to local charities
– Engaged with our schools
– Republished the Chandley Chronicles
– Kept Gatley clean and tidy … amongst many other things.

Thank you for your support, for turning up and turning out, contributing to making our village a better place.

We are anticipating an even more successful year to come—Gatley Sports Day on April 23, our Summer Festival between June 25—July 3 and the Food & Drink Festival in October.  Before we have time to draw breath, Santa will be switching on the Christmas lights again.

With sadness we remember poor Ayesha, but remember also the vigil that was attended by so many, a moment of true community togetherness.

There is much to do, and there are always ways in which you can get involved. Please contact us at gatleyvp@gmail.com  and join us at our next community meeting January 19th, 7 p.m. at Roasted Coffee Lounge on Silverdale Road.

Do have a fantastic time over Christmas.

Warm wishes

Gatley Village Partnership’s Organising Team