Co-op Closing & Gatley Air Pollution

If you’re a member of the Gatley Facebook Group then you will likely have read that the Co-op is planning on to close both their stores in Gatley in favour of relocating to the renovated Tatton building – when that happens.

Cheadle & Gatley Liberal Democrats have confirmed that the Co-op on Church Road near Armenique will indeed be closing in April.

This seems a little premature given there is no word on Dickens Property Group are planning to do anything with the Tatton any time soon, though their recent (and first!) communication was promising. Of course, Co-op could know something we don’t.

The village will, of course, still have one Co-op, opposite the Prince of Wales, but it does leave a vacant building right in the heart of the village. We can only hope there is a taker for this quickly.

Most Polluted Roads in Gatley

More from Cheadle & Gatley Liberal Democrats – a report on the highest polluting roads in Gatley (and Cheadle) has been released by the government. The maps below show roads that are near or above the legal safe limit for nitrous oxide (NOx).

NOx Pollution - Gatley/Cheadle
NOx Pollution – Gatley/Cheadle
NOx Pollution - Gatley/Cheadle
NOx Pollution – Gatley/Cheadle

Councillor Iain Roberts said:

“Air pollution is a major problem in our area, just as in other towns and cities around the UK. We can’t see it, but we know it’s killing hundreds of people across Greater Manchester each year and contributing to health problems for many thousands more. We desperately need to take action: to cut polluting vehicles and move to less polluting methods of travel.”

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