Gatley – Fun Facts

Over the coming months we will be bringing you some articles about Gatley’s history. To start us off, here is a little history from Wikipedia, which has been compiled over time by various Gatley residents. We do not guarantee its accuracy. You can view the entry here.

Fun Facts

  • In 1290, Gatley was known as Gateclyve, which in Old English means ‘a place where goats are kept’.
  • In the mid 19th century, Gatley Carrs was described as “a scene of such singular and romantic beauty, and so thoroughly unique in its composition, that we know nothing in the neighbourhood to liken it to”.
  • In 1714, Stone Pale Hall was reconstructed in Gatley.
  • Gatley Hall and Gatley Hill House may both have been built in the mid-eighteenth century by local cotton manufacturers.
  • Gatley is 40–60 metres above sea level.
  • A polished stone found in Gatley suggests some human presence in the Neolithic or early Bronze Age.
  • Electric trams began to run in Stockport in 1902, with the service to Gatley (terminating at the Horse and Farrier) opening in March 1904.