Get involved in Piccolo in the Park plan

Groundsman's Hut, Gatley Park
“… a poor state of repair and serves as a
magnet for anti-social behaviour…”

Piccolo, the Italian bar and restaurant on Church Road in Gatley, presented their plan for the old Groundsman’s Hut on Gatley Park to Gatley Village Partnership (GVP) at their recent community meeting.

Having seen the plans and listened to the proposal from Piccolo, GVP are more than happy to support the proposal and wish it every success.

Both GVP and Piccolo are appealing to the Gatley community to support this venture as it has the potential to greatly enhance Gatley Recreational Park.

“Piccolo in the Park” will see the Groundsman’s Hut, which is in a poor state of repair and a magnet for anti-social behaviour, as well as a health and safety liability, renovated to provide “accessible, low impact, multi-use space with food and beverage facilities, an easy access public convenience and an area for community activities”.

Piccolo in the Park
Architect Drawings – Piccolo in the Park

You can download the full proposal here to read at your leisure. Here are the key points proposed:

  • Formation of a community interest company
  • Some café profits reinvested into the park itself
  • Investment in park facilities
  • Space in the renovated venue for ‘Bootcamp in the Park’, ‘Art in the Park’ and ‘Yoga in the Park’
  • Create a “vibrant and open community hub”
  • Piccolo to commit 1,200 staff hours per year to park projects
  • Creation of local “steering committee” to ensure park activities are run by, not just for, the community
  • Regeneration of sports facilities
  • Range of outdoor events planned, including outdoor cinema and potentially “Gatley Film Festival”

Piccolo’s plan for Gatley Recreational Park is an ambitious one and will only succeed with the support of the local community – that being you! GVP is committed to the project and is encouraging Gatley residents to get involved.

If you’d like to help make this proposal a reality please contact:

Dan Byrne
07462 482366
61a Church Street