GVP launches Gatley Acts of Kindness

Gatley Village Partnership (GVP) is pleased to launch a new initiative call Gatley Acts of Kindness.

We want EVERYONE and ANYONE to support our community by helping us to undertake 2,017 individual acts of kindness in 2017, and show what a kind and caring village Gatley is.

We often hear negative stories about our area of Stockport, but we also hear many, many tales of kindness. GVP’s aim is to highlight and encourage these acts of kindness, which will greatly benefit our community.

So what can you do to get involved? It’s very much up to individuals or groups to decide what acts of kindness they want to undertake but it can anything from helping someone struggling to carry their shopping, doing work for a neighbour, organising a charity event.

Please see further detail on the poster below and we look forward to hearing your stories.

Gatley Random Acts of Kindness