GVP unveils plans for commemorative sculpture

Commemorative Sculpture
Artist’s Impression

One of our most memorable and moving events in 2014 was around the commemorations we organized for World War I. Seventeen of Gatley’s young men gave their lives in this terrible war.

Amongst other things, we arranged for their biographies to appear, temporarily, on the 17 trees which line our Green and where our war memorial is placed. Now we would like a more permanent reminder of the centenary, one which generations to come will enjoy and use for quiet reflection.

Our goal is to place a striking, wooden poppy sculpture on the Green, near to the war memorial. We have chosen wood as the prime material because it is in harmony with the green and, particularly, the 17 trees.

This sculpture will commemorate not just our 17 but all those impacted by war. We want the sculpture to offer a focus of quiet contemplation and beauty in a manner which reflects the peaceful nature of our lovely green.

Our aim is to have the sculpture in place for Remembrance Sunday, November 2016, when we will invite our village to its unveiling as a focal part of our events on that day.