How Kingsway School is partnering with the community (ok, it’s Cheadle, but still..)

The Kingsway SchoolThe Kingsway School is actively seeking to partner with local community groups such as Cheadle Village Partnership, Gatley Village Partnership and Cheadle Rotary Club in order to forge closer links within the area it serves, as well as better educate and inform its students.

Here are two examples of how they’re doing just that.

The Kingsway School / Cheadle Rotary Club and Cheadle Village Partnership

The Kingsway School and Cheadle Rotary Club have established a partnership to support the delivery of IT lessons to residents of Cheadle.  Students from the school will be delivering these lessons.

This project is an outcome from participation by both organisations in the ‘Our Place’ initiative. This initiative has been devolved to local communities from the Department for Government and Local Communities at Whitehall to encourage community cohesion.

Cheadle Rotary Club and The Kingsway School will also be supporting Students to be actively engaged in other community based projects.

Cheadle Rotary Club / the Kingsway School and Kolweny School Kenya

Cheadle Rotary Club is establishing partnerships with The Kingsway School and its sister school Kolweny in Kenya.  Cheadle Rotary Club has successfully obtained a District Grant for £525.70.  This funding will be presented to the Rowley Projects to support the school in Kenya.

Partnership arrangements will develop between Cheadle Rotary Club, The Kingsway School and The Rowley Projects.  Realistic aspirations exist to install electricity and Wi-Fi into Kolweny School in Kenya.

We’ll have plenty more from Kingsway and other schools from now on as GVP forges closer links with schools itself.