Hydes Brewery shut High Grove with no warning

The High Grove HotelIn a move that has been described as “very snide and petty”, Hydes Brewery shut the High Grove pub on Silverdale Road at the weekend – without informing regulars.

The pub was listed as an Asset of Community Value but that expired in April, freeing the brewery to do with it as they wish.

Hydes have been looking to drop the pub from their portfolio for some months but have resisted (or ignored) a buyout offer from The Friends of the High Grove, which was reported to be higher than the brewery’s asking price. It is likely they don’t want competition from a rival pub for their other Gatley boozer, the Horse & Farrier, which remains one of their flagship public houses.

Now it looks like the pub may be closed for good and potentially bulldozed to make way for private residences or some other purpose.