Stonepail Road Postbox: Mystery Solved

CE4MjLdW0AEiFJqThe mystery of the missing postbox on the corner of Stonepail Road and Park Road has been solved. It flummoxed the Gatley Pimpernel in last month’s Gatley Files. This clears it up.

Val Bodden of the Royal Mail says:

“The postbox at the junction of Stonepail Road and Park Road, Gatley, was removed following a road traffic accident, the second incident at this junction. As a result, it was decided to find another more suitable site, away from this location. We are now waiting for the results of the underground utility cables and landowner searches at the proposed new site. With any postbox relocation, full consideration is given to accessibility by both members of public and our collection drivers to ensure it is safe to access.

“Royal Mail apologises to customers for the delay and temporary inconvenience and we would ask customers to continue using other postboxes in the area or drop off mail at the nearest post office branch. We would advise anyone who has any concerns about their mail to contact our customer services team on 03457 740 740.”

So now you know…