Tatton owners Dickens respond to GVP letter

At last! Dickens Property Group, the owners of the eyesore that is the now derelict site of the old Tatton cinema, have finally broken their long silence with regard to their plans for development.

Following growing disquiet in the Gatley community and a carefully worded letter to Dickens crafted by Gatley Village Partnership, local Lib Dem councillor Iain Roberts received a phone call from Andrew Dempsey, a director at the company. In a Gatley Facebook Group post, Iain wrote:

Was phoned this afternoon by Andrew Dempsey, Director at Dickens Property Group who own the Tatton.

Andrew assures me that Dickens will develop the site. He reckons it will take another three weeks to sort out the last details on the planning application. Then they have to sign the agreement with the occupier for the retail space and then the building begins.

We shall see! I made the point that we won’t really believe it until they’re on site and building is underway.

Dickens’ plans for the site include a large¬†convenience store and 36 flats above and to the rear. They intend to retain the iconic frontage in the development. More information can be found here.

Tatton Cinema, Gatley - Artist's Impression

For over 15 years the Tatton site has lain dormant and has recently suffered break ins and a small fire was lit, leading to growing concern from Gatley residents. Despite evidence of activity at the site it seems as though little has really been done by either Dickens Property Group or the council to move things forward, leading to Gatley Village Partnership to pen the letter which finally got a response.

We hope Mr Dempsey and Dickens are true to their word.