Would you welcome a Costa Coffee in Gatley?

According to the latest Cheadle Area Committee Report from Councillor Iain Roberts, planning permission has been approved for the conversion of 17 Church Road (what used to be Occasions card and gift shop) on the corner of Elm Road from a retail unit with upstairs flat to a two-storey cafe and it is likely to be Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee to open in Gatley?
Costa Coffee to open in Gatley?

The report, however, states that approval was only given “on the proviso that there’s no kitchen or food preparation”. Not sure how you run a cafe without a kitchen or food prep area, even a Costa, but anyway…

This represents the second “big chain” to enter the village after Tesco. The question is, are you happy about it? There’s a healthy debate going on right now, with people discussing the ups and downs of Costa setting up shop in our village.

Costa in Gatley – The Pros

  • A big name like Costa considering Gatley is a sign the village is on the up
  • It represents increased choice
  • Increased footfall to the village, boosting other local businesses
  • Prevents the unit sitting empty

Costa in Gatley – The Cons

  • Gatley already has several coffee shops
  • Represents an increased challenge to those coffee shops
  • Endangers the village’s unique qualities
  • Increased traffic
  • The coffee(!)

The truth is, no matter what business decided to open in the village there would be opposition from some quarter. What IS for sure that a business of any kind is better than an empty unit.

Now it’s just down to you to decide whether or not you’d be happy with a Costa. Join in the debate right here.